Smart dilapidation report software & app

Streamline your dilapidation reporting processes and build bulletproof dilapidation records using this easy to use app and software.

Dilapidation report app

Improving dilapidation and commercial records for companies of every size

Easily save time and build bulletproof dilapidation records

Document and capture dilapidation reports and records from anywhere

Don't waste time and effort filling out paper forms, PDFs, excel sheets and trying to store photos and evidence.

Fill out your dilapidation reports and records in a digital format using any mobile, tablet or computer.

Simply open your phone or tablet on site or in the field, fill out your forms, take photos and videos, and sign off all on the spot.

Capture evidence, take photos and store all of your dilapidation records in one software

Every form, photo, video or other record stored inside of the dilapidation report captured in the app is instantly synced to the software and organised automatically.

This means you can easily search and find specific records from any time, and that you can properly organise your dilapidation records based on projects, teams, who captured the report, what was found during the report and more.

Setup workflows for repetitive or important tasks and procedures

Communicating dilapidation findings is hard and unreliable via phone, email and other methods.

Inside of the software, you can setup simple workflows so that dilapidation findings can be communicated automatically - both internally and externally - and people get notified when something important requires their insight or oversight.

Get new and automatic insights from the dilapidation software

The dilapidation report software and app automatically aggregates all of the data being collected and stored for you, so you can display it in dashboards and graphs.

See things like how many dilapidation reports have been created, the outcomes of those reports and more.

Once setup, each chart is updated as new information is added in real-time, so you always have the latest and most accurate data at your fingertips.

Generate professional dilapidation reports from the system in one click.

Don't waste time formatting dilapidation reports in PDF or Word.

Every record captured using the dilapidation report app and software can be converted into PDF or CSV format in one click as well as shared directly from the field - with every record coming stamped with your company logo and colours.

Powerful features to eliminate data entry and formatting for everyone.

Real-time project management register
Project management register

Ensure all of your dilapidation app records are compliant and undeniable

Focus on your projects, sites and stakeholders while the software takes care of document, version and audit control for you.

Make sure you never lose a claim because of silly document errors or mistakes - and build bulletproof records for today and the future.

More than just a dilapidation report app.

No one wants to have 10 apps for different activities.

This app and software can also be used for almost all of your current manual processes and workflows, including diaries, defects, checklists and more.

Consolidate your processes into one system to create efficiency across your company.

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