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Construction delays due to weather

Commercial – Construction delays due to weather

Construction delays due to weather About construction delays due to weather Construction delays are an all-too frequent occurrence on construction sites all over the world. Some of these delays are caused by contractor, client and subcontractor errors i.e delays within the project party’s control, while other delays are caused by weather and other adverse conditions…

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Example of lien waiver

Finance – Example of lien waiver

Example of lien waiver: A simple lien waiver form to use or copy What is a lien waiver form? If you are familiar with lien waivers and are just looking for the usable lien waiver example, then scroll down and read on. If you are still not quite sure what a lien waiver is -…

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Excel templates for construction

Construction – Excel templates for construction

Excel templates for construction: Why you need to stop using excel templates JUMP TO SECTION Excel templates for construction… What’s wrong with excel templates for construction? Excel templates for construction estimating Excel templates for construction project management So what templates should construction companies use? What does transitioning away from excel templates look like? Excel templates…

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Project governance example

Systems/IT – Project governance example

Project governance example: An example of smart project governance What is project governance? At a high level, project governance is the framework with which project decisions are made. Today, more than ever, most companies run their businesses as a series of projects. Companies used to be able to rely on their organisational structure for decision…

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Construction acronyms

Construction – Construction acronyms

Construction acronyms: The most important construction acronyms to know JUMP TO SECTION Construction acronyms Floor plan acronyms Architectural drawing acronyms Blueprint acronyms Civil engineering acronyms Construction project management acronyms Wrapping your head around the growing the list of acronyms Construction acronyms… Acronyms are pretty popular right now in all industries, and the construction industry is…

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Site handover letter

Commercial – Site handover letter to client

Site handover letter: Handover letter to client or contractor Site handovers… Site handovers often involve many moving pieces, and can elicit very different emotions and reactions based on how smoothly the site handover goes. Site handovers introduce new complexity to a project, as the status quo and normal operations which have been running smoothly (hopefully)…

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Commercial – Justification letter for project delay

Justification letter for project delay: Sample letter and template Not another project delay… The nature of projects is that they have a start and an end date, and a bunch of stuff in between. And that bunch of stuff in between is often complicated, messy, and based on a number of variables – some of…

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Subcontractor management process

Commercial – Subcontractor management process

Subcontractor management process What does a good subcontractor management process look like? Construction and other industrial projects feature a tightly connected web of inter-dependant parties who work together and rely on each other to deliver projects on time, on budget and safely. Because of this, managing other parties can often be almost as important as…

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Construction quote example

Finance – Construction quote example

Construction quote example: Make your construction quotes more professional What’s is a construction quote? The phrase construction quote can take on different meanings for different construction companies, and different people interacting with those construction companies. You may also see and hear construction estimate, bid and proposal used interchangeably with the term construction quote – although…

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Construction project handover procedure

Construction – Construction project handover procedure

Construction project handover procedure What does a construction project handover procedure involve? All phases of a construction project are vital to the success of the project, including the project handover phase. Sometimes, the project handover can be seen as the finish line, which allows some complacency and relaxation to creep in. But the project handover…

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