Example of construction technology

Construction – Construction technology examples

The latest construction technology examples About construction technology Construction has come a long way in the last 100 years, and many of the advancements in construction technology are continuing to push construction projects forward at an ever-increasing rate. Construction technology has become the main driver of construction process and productivity changes and progress. Humans cap…

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Construction drone technology

Construction – New technology in the construction industry

New construction technology for 2019 Construction technology trends from 2018 Construction technology has come a long way in the last 15-20 years, and it continue to move forward at a faster rate than ever before. 2018 was a big year for construction technology; some technologies were very nascent and remain out of reach for most…

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Interoperability in construction

Software – Interoperability in construction

Interoperability in construction: Understanding (and beating) the silent killer What is interoperability? Outside of IT, software engineering and a few other technical sectors, interoperability isn’t a commonly used term. But it is a term which perfectly encapsulates one of the major issues which has been plaguing (and continues to plague) the construction and other industrial…

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Web based construction project management software

Software – The benefits of web based project management software

Web based construction project management software – the benefits explained What are your options when deploying construction project management software? As construction project management software gets better and better, and projects and every day work gets more complicated and more data driven, more and more construction companies are shifting their processes and procedures to software.…

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Construction toolbox talk topics

Construction – Construction toolbox talk topics

18 of the best construction toolbox talk topics Why should you discuss any of these 18 toolbox talk topics? I hope you landed on this page because you are looking for toolbox talk topics – and not deciding whether or not to engage in toolbox talks in the first place. These 18 toolbox talk topics…

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Construction toolbox talk

Safety – Construction toolbox talk

The construction toolbox talk: Everything you should know about toolbox talks What is a toolbox talk? A construction toolbox talk is a short (usually 5-10 minutes) discussion which takes place directly on site or ‘next to the toolbox’ and surfaces a specific issue which is relevant to the site and relevant to workers. Most commonly,…

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Delay analysis in construction

Commercial – Delay analysis in construction and construction contracts

Delay analysis in construction contracts and construction projects What is delay analysis in construction? Construction projects are complicated. Every project no matter how big or small has a number of stakeholders, a number of project parties responsible for delivering their part of a project and thousands of moving pieces including labour, equipment and supplies. Because…

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Construction document management systems

Construction – Construction document management systems

Construction document management systems: Here’s what to look for How do we manage construction documents without dedicated document management systems? Construction document management is arguably the bane of the construction industries (amongst other industries) existence. Document management takes an incredibly amount of time away from projects, and requires the employment of thousands of administrators and…

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Quality management in construction

Quality – Quality management in construction

Quality management in construction What is quality management in construction? Construction projects span a number of functions across a number of specialty parties and trades, but the one thing they all share in common is their desire to deliver quality work – on time and on budget. Quality management is a key pillar of overall…

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