Construction quotation format in word or in excel

Finance – Construction quotation format

Why your construction quotation format in word or in excel is the wrong format What’s wrong with your construction quotation format in word? Construction companies have been using word documents to build and manage their construction quotation format for many…

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Invitation to tender letter

Finance – Invitation to tender letter

Invitation to tender letter: Sample letter and editable examples JUMP TO SECTION Invitation to tenders in construction Invitation to tender letter sample Invitation to tender letter examples Reply to tender invitation sample letter Invitation to tenders in construction An invitation…

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Building quotes examples

Finance – Building quotes examples

Building quotes examples Why don’t we all have amazing building quotes examples already? Building quotes are critical documents for every company working in the construction and building industries. Building and construction are industries which rely heavily on quotes and tenders,…

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Construction quotation sample letter

Finance – Construction quotation sample letter

Construction quotation sample letter Writing your construction quotation letters… Writing a construction quotation letter is a good thing, because it means that you are in the running to win a contract and deliver a project, or same phase or works…

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Lien waivers for dummies

Finance – Lien waivers for dummies

Lien waivers for dummies: What you need to know about lien waivers LIEN WAIVERS FOR DUMMIES Lien waivers for dummies… What is a lien waiver? The different types of lien waivers for dummies How to create, manage and share lien…

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Example of lien waiver

Finance – Example of lien waiver

Example of lien waiver: A simple lien waiver form to use or copy What is a lien waiver form? If you are familiar with lien waivers and are just looking for the usable lien waiver example, then scroll down and…

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Construction quote example

Finance – Construction quote example

Construction quote example: Make your construction quotes more professional What’s is a construction quote? The phrase construction quote can take on different meanings for different construction companies, and different people interacting with those construction companies. You may also see and…

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Construction timesheet

Finance – Construction timesheet

Construction timesheet: How to improve your construction timesheets What is a construction timesheet? Most people in the world of work, and especially in the construction industry, are familiar with the classic timesheet. A construction timesheet is a method for recording…

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Construction cost analysis

Finance – Construction cost analysis

Cost analysis for construction: What you need to know and understand What is a cost analysis in construction? A construction cost analysis is an analysis performed by a construction company or its workers to accurately identify where the company or…

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Construction cost codes

Finance – Construction cost codes

Construction cost codes: Everything you need to know What are construction cost codes? Construction cost codes enable construction companies to seperate costs into specific categories, which are assigned to specific divisions, so that companies and projects can accurately see how…

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