Hazard management

Safety – Hazard management

Hazard management Hazard management definition Before we look at the definition of hazard management, let’s take a step back and define exactly what a hazard is: A hazard is anything (situation, object, equipment) which poses a threat to life, health…

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Hazard reporting procedure

Safety – Hazard reporting procedure

Hazard reporting procedure: The right procedure for you Why is your hazard reporting procedure important? Your hazard reporting procedure is your first line and one of your most important lines of defence when it comes to workplace safety. Lots of…

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Risk log

Safety – Risk logs

Risk log: Everything you need to know about risk logs What is a risk log? A risk log (sometimes interchangeably referred to as a risk register) is a framework and tool which projects and companies use to identify, evaluate and…

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Risk response matrix

Safety – Risk response matrix

Risk response matrix What is a risk response matrix? Most people have heard of and are familiar with a risk assessment matrix. Risk assessment matrices are used in almost every industry and many other walks of life to classify and…

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The purpose of a risk register

Safety – Purpose of a risk register

Purpose of a risk register: Here’s what a risk register is used for What is a risk register? A risk register (which can sometimes be referred to as a risk log) is a project management tool which helps managers and…

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Risk monitoring and control

Safety – Risk monitoring and control

Risk monitoring and control: How to make yours better and safer Risk monitoring and control definition Risk monitoring and control refers to the process of continuously identifying risks and establishing the best methods of dealing with those risks. Risk monitoring…

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Tailboard meeting

Safety – Tailboard meeting

Tailboard meeting: Tailboard meeting template and other helpful info Tailboard meeting definition A tailboard meeting is a job briefing which industrial companies and supervisors use to brief existing and new site workers on hazards associated with the job, the work…

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How to identify hazards in the workplace

Safety – Identify hazards in the workplace example

Identify hazards in the workplace Why is it necessary to identify hazards in the workplace? Identifying and reporting hazards in the workplace is one of the most powerful ways in which workers and companies can improve workplace safety. Many workplace…

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Tailgate meeting

Safety – Tailgate meeting

Tailgate meeting: What you need to know about tailgate meetings What is a tailgate meeting? A tailgate meeting is an informal safety meeting which is usually quite short (5-10 minutes) and typically conducted on site prior to a shift or…

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Safety – JSA and SWMS

JSA and SWMS: What you need to know What are JSA and SWMS? JSA and SWMS are safety processes and documents which enable workers and companies to better identify and control hazards, so that people can conduct their work more…

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