The easiest way to create, complete and manage safety checklists

Streamline your safety checklist process from start to finish - from form creation to analysis -  with flexible and easy-to-use safety management software.

Safety management software

Used by thousands of engineers, foremen and project managers

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Eliminate frustrating safety checklist admin and improve your safety outcomes with the Dashpivot safety checklist software and app.

One platform to create and manage any safety checklist or form

Create your own safety checklists with the flexible digital document builder, or use (and edit) our free safety checklist example templates.

Create checklists with smart fields like:

  • Dropdowns and tables
  • Photos and videos
  • Checkboxes
  • Digital signatures
Dashpivot digital form builder
Safety checklist app

Complete safety checklists on computer, phone or tablet (iOS + Android)

Access and complete safety checklists from anywhere, with all checklist records being securely stored in your projects and teams and updated in real-time.

The iOS and Android apps were designed to make completing checklists as simple and quick as possible.

Take and attach safety photos and videos in real-time

Take photos inside the Dashpivot app on your phone or tablet on site.

Organise your photos and videos with custom tags so they are easily searchable, and have them automatically attached to your checklists for proof and traceability.

Safety permit construction

Need to get a safety checklist or safety record out of the software?

Instantly print, download or send any form or checklist as a perfectly formatted CSV or PDF documents featuring your logo and brand colours.

Safety checklist software

Try this proven safety software and safety checklist app for free.

Get new insights from your safety checklists and reports without doing any work

Safety report software

Get automated checklist and safety analytics

The safety checklist app and software automatically aggregate all of your checklist form data so you can create custom dashboards and automated charts which show you safety performance in real-time.

For example, see how many safety inspections a person, team, project or organisation has done - or how many safety incidents there have been in the past month.

Save yourself even more time and end frustrating manual data entry by instantly converting your checklist entries into a register

Real-time project management register
Project management register

More than safety checklist software.

Managing safety checklists with a single tool and then your other processes with others is frustrating and time-consuming.

Consolidate more of your safety processes into a single system with Dashpivot, including safety reporting and permitting.

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Streamline your safety checklists and reports with Dashpivot today.