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Enabling companies  and projects of every size to better understand what's happening on their sites

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Real-time analytics collected directly from the field, pushed through an integrated management system with a single touch.

Dashpivot digital IMS

Get better and more accurate data about your operations and KPIs.





Project management data

Track project and  specific activity progress in real-time so you can understand how much is getting done each day and adjust accordingly to avoid end of project headaches.

Construction data analytics

Get new and better insights about your safety performance across the company, projects and individual teams.

See how your leading indicators are tracking including the number of risk assessments and toolbox talks being completed, and see accurate data on lagging indicators like the number of near misses and incidents.

Construction data analytics

Track project costs accurately and efficiently to ensure the commercial aspects of your operations are working as they should.

See the number of hours being worked, the number and size of claims broken down by project parties, the frequency and reason for delays and more.

Construction data analytics

Track, monitor and action important environmental KPIs including the status of permits, the number of environmental inspections and the recent trends in noise and vibration monitoring results.

Choose which information to track in a couple of clicks

Because Dashpivot analytics are connected directly to your documents and forms, all you need to do is pick which data within the form you want to track. This can include daily diaries, timesheets, delay forms, defect reports and more.

Once chosen, that data will be automatically fed into your charts so you can keep track of the things you care about.

Dashpivot project dashboard

Organise your information in one place

Dashpivot dashboards enable you to organise your charts and insights in one place - rather than a bunch of different spreadsheets which are still referring to old data.

Build dashboards to cover specific parts of your operations including safety, quality, environmental, commercial and financial and create as many charts as you want within those dashboards.

Get new insights, instantly

Dashpivot automatically aggregates and organises the information being collected from site so that you can see it in real-time.

Once your dashboards and charts are setup, every time new information is entered for the forms and fields you want to track, your dashboards are updated automatically.

Standardised data collection from the field results in zero information double-handling and perfectly up-to-date and reliable information.

Construction S-curve software

Make more informed decisions to get better results

A lack of good analytics and effective project tracking relies on lack and often results in missed budgets and missed deadlines.

Being able to see your progress and KPIs faster and more clearly enables you to make better and more informed decisions for your people and your projects.

Good information leads to good decisions, and good decisions leads to good results.

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Dashpivot analytics provide for real time and informed management review.

Brian Mahon
Chief Operating Officer | Source: Capterra

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