For General Contractors

The perfect system architecture for general contractors - built in the same way that you run your projects and teams.

Inside of Dashpivot, general contractors can keep their project and team information consolidated in one place, while also keeping it separated and searchable.

This makes it easy for individual projects and teams to access the right information, complete the right information, and for the general contractor to be able to dive into specific details about individual components of the business.

Software for general contractors

The Smart Integrated Management System for all of your business functions.


Digitise your IMS to streamline your standard operating procedures and ensure compliance across every project and every team.

Commercial templates

Safety templates

Quality templates

Production templates

Environmental templates

Financial templates

Digital documents which automate the formatting and data entry which takes employee time away from moving projects forward.

Real-time project management register
Project management workflow
Project management register
Project management register


Track every component of the business individually, or as a whole, to get the full picture and make better decisions.

Track project progress

Track team performance

Track subcontractor performance

Track individual functions like safety, quality, environmental and financial performance

Track planned vs. actuals

Display all of this information in real-time dashboards and charts which auto-update and keep you on top of what's happening in real-time.

production tracking
subcontractor performance tracking
Safety reporting
planned vs actual

Track project progress

Get real-time updates on activity and project progress, as it happens.

Track subcontractor performance

Understand how your subcontractors are performing to make more informed decisions.

Track indidual functions

Keep track of individual functions of the business to know where you are performing well (and where you aren't).

Track planned vs. actuals

Track your planned vs. actual performance so you can course-correct in real-time from day one, and avoid end of project delays and headaches.

Start easily streamlining your processes today