Easy photo & field record management

Enable workers to capture photos and videos in the field on the Dashpivot app to build organised and reliable real-time records.

Construction photo documentation

Hundreds of thousands of photos captured on projects of every size

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Never miss or lose an important piece of evidence again.

Quick and easy photo & video capture in the field - whether online or offline

Eliminate people taking photos and videos on their own phones or cameras where they need to be uploaded or emailed later - or never get seen again.

With the cloud-based app, workers can capture photos and videos from any mobile or tablet, and these records are automatically synced to the system and available to everyone the instant they are captured.

Offline mode ensures workers can continue to take photos and videos with or without internet coverage.

Dashpivot photo management

Build more useful and reliable records

Make all of your records more valuable by quickly and easily adding photo descriptions, multiple comments, custom tags and red-line photo markups.

Detailed and perfectly accurate metadata on every record

Get detailed GPS location data on every record, as well as other crucial metadata including dates, times, and the person who captured the image or video.

All of this additional detail can then be searched for at any time to make finding a specific record easy.

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Take photos and videos while filling out documents and forms to 'attach' them to that specific record forever

Don't waste precious time adding photos to excel or word doc reports and trying to format them properly.

Using Dashpivot forms, people can take photos and add visual proof directly to any form including site inspections, site diaries, field reports and more.

Because they are captured inside the form, they stay 'attached' to that record forever so you have proof of your work and never lose a wrongful claim or dispute.

Find any record in a couple of clicks

Companies and projects can quickly accumulate thousands of photos and videos - and every record is potentially critical evidence. With a consolidated information management system, you can browse, view and filter for any of your records no matter where or how along ago they were captured in a few clicks.

Construction site photos

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Export and share photo records in one click

Store your photos and videos as smart digital files, which can then be shared and downloaded in professionally formatted PDF reports in a single click.

If you have photos inside of reports or forms, they are automatically attached inside of the form and at the end of the report to create bulletproof records and full transparency.

Software for general contractors

Store and organise your photos how you want

Dashpivot enables you to structure your projects, teams and people how you want so that each photo taken is automatically piped into the right place - so you never have to copy and paste photos or sift through computer folders.

Create specific project or site folders and assign people to those sites and folders so whenever they take a picture or video it's stored exactly where it should be.

Watch how companies get real-time site records with Dashpivot.

See how APP, a leading project management and independent assurance company has streamlined how they capture and manage site photos and field records using Dashpivot.

Improve how you document, organise and track your photos.