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Streamline all of your critical information by using smarter enterprise content management software to capture, organise, track and deliver work.

Enterprise content management software

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Sitemate customers
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All of the features you need to manage your information digitally and efficiently.

Automated document management.

Let ECM software eliminate the risk of human error and negligence by automating important document controls like version control across your organisation.

ISO document control software
ISO document control

Bulletproof information governance.

Information governance is almost impossible when handled and managed manually. With software, all of the audit trails and information governance is built into the system so all of the detailed content management is taken care of in the background.

Workflow management and collaboration tools.

Streamline how information moves and people collaborate. Create custom automated workflows so that critical processes always reach the right people, and no work of information gets lost or delayed.

Content management workflows

Full mobile access for managing content from anywhere.

  • Offline data collection

  • Photo and video

  • Location tagging

  • Complex fields

  • E-Signatures

  • PDF Markup

  • Draft and autosave

  • Kanban workflows

Easy search and discovery.

Say goodbye to sifting through physical or desktop folders.

All of the information captured and stored in the enterprise content management software can be instantly searched for and found by name, filter, date, person and more.

You can customise all of these tags and structures to suit your company and operations.

Document management tags
ECM export

Deliver your work in a number of professional formats.

Digital saves paper, time and information headaches - but sometimes you still need a hard copy of that document.

All of the documents and information contained within the ECM software can be downloaded, printed or sent as professionally formatted PDF or CSV documents with your logo and colours.

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Enterprise content management software

Store, archive and retain information in an organised manner.

Storing and retaining information in an organised way is difficult, but with a dedicated system designed with your industry and type of work in mind, it's easy.

Organise your information from day one into projects, sites, teams or client folders. This way, all of the information being captured for that specific piece of work will be stored and retained in one place where it can be found in real-time or years later.

Get new insights from all of your critical information.

Enterprise content management software aggregates all of the data from your documents automatically, so it can be displayed and manipulated into real-time dashboards and custom charts.

Get insights into your operations and performance, without doing any data entry or data reconciliation.

ECM software

Tried and trusted across the heavy industries.

Construction software

Ability to digitise existing paper based processes. This enhances visibility of sites we working on, the real time information makes soling issues on site far quicker than we were through phone calls, e-mails etc. We find the templates very easy to make, issue and use meaning implementation has been made very simple.

Source: G2crowd

Streamline all of your critical business information to save time and reduce risk. Try this ECM software for yourself now.