Concrete Pour Card Template

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Concrete pour card template

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How does this concrete pour card template actually work?

Use this digital concrete pour card template for free.

This concrete pour card template was generated with Dashpivot, which gives you new document controls:

  • Access and fill out your concrete pour cards from any mobile, tablet or computer no matter where you are.
  • Store your concrete pour cards online where they stay organised, or download them as privately branded PDF or CSV documents.
  • Customise the concrete pour card to better suit your pours and operations.
  • Get automated version control and audit trails on your documents.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies of every size all over the world.

Standardise your concrete pour card templates to easily document important aspects of a concrete pour and flag any quality issues quickly

Digitise the creation of your concrete pour cards

Create any digital concrete pour card you want using the simple drag-and-drop form builder, or use Dashpivot's standardised template.

This concrete pour card template comes pre-built with most of the sections you will see in any concrete pour card template, and the whole template is customisable and editable for your own requirements and layouts.

Track concrete pours over time with Timeline View

While Register view gives you a detailed spreadsheet view of your records, Timeline view offers a snapshot of your records sorted by date. It's easy to organise your records by adding tags, such as for a specific project or team, helping you keep track of each concrete pour and the project it belongs to.


Easily organise your concrete pour card records into a Register

Forget about manual data entry and the hassle of juggling spreadsheets and databases. With a single click, our system can turn your records into an organised register, eliminating the clutter of managing multiple files.

Set up automated workflows when a new card comes in

Our automated workflows let you establish alerts that notify the right people at the right time during the process. This ensures you're always up to date on the status of your concrete pours, making sure no critical information slips through the cracks.

Standardise your concrete pour card templates to easily document important aspects of a concrete pour and flag any quality issues quickly

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Streamline quality management with an integrated smart system

Quality assurance stands at the core of successful construction management, ensuring confidence in the results of your work and building trust with stakeholders. A quality management system is designed to bolster your quality assurance efforts, offering a comprehensive solution to managing quality across your projects.

A smart system simplifies the management of defects, lot management, corrective actions, inspection test plans (ITPs), and other quality checklists and reports.

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