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Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) template

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This RAMS safety template is powered by Dashpivot.

  • Attach RAMS directly to safety documents such as inspections, audits, hazard reports and more.
  • Customise fields in your RAMS safety template with important safety concerns and how to manage potential hazards.
  • Share your RAMS safety template from the app to make it easy to record new RAMS or to access existing RAMS.
  • Enable your team to action safety concerns by integrating your RAMS safety into a custom workflow with actions, notifications and signoff.

Dashpivot is user friendly software trusted by built world companies for of every size all over the world for their safety process and workflows.

~10,000 employees

~500 employees

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Safety RAMS are an integral part of your safety and compliance requirements, but there are many other processes for safety that you need to be managing on an ongoing basis.

Dashpivot integrates your safety workflows across incident reports, hazard prevention and safety audits, making safety more efficient and reducing the impact of incidents.

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