For Engineers and Project Managers

Architected to make managing projects and information seamless.

Dashpivot is structured to align with the way you do work:

  • Organisational level
  • Project level
  • Team level

Using this structure, you can deploy specific information to projects and teams; work is stored in projects and teams; and you can control everything from the organisational level or 'master view'.

You can also give free access to your asset owners and clients to streamline processes across your entire portfolio.

Software for subcontractors

Manage projects and every day work more efficiently.


Streamline how your site observations and important safety, quality and environmental information moves by digitising your standard operating procedures across:

Site observation reporting

Safety management

Quality management

Environmental management

+ more

Eliminate time-consuming manual work by using a single system to display and format information in multiple ways.

Real-time project management register
Project management workflow
Project management register
Project management register


Stay up-to-date with everything happening on your projects and teams in real-time.

Site observation data

Safety insights

Quality insights

Environmental insights

+ more

Display the information being collected on site through real-time analytics.

Safety reporting
Quality tracking
Environmental monitoring

Site observations

Aggregate and display the information collected during your site visits and observations.

Safety dashboards

Display count and ratio information about your safety inputs and outcomes.

Quality dashboards

Understand the quality of your projects, teams and external parties in more accurate detail.

Environmental dashboards

Stay on top of environmental inspections, reporting and monitoring with a single dashboard.

Start easily streamlining your processes today