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See and understand exactly how your projects are tracking from start to finish so that you can deliver on time and on budget.

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Running your projects across fragmented systems and tools makes it impossible to build and maintain good project controls.

Unstandardised, fragmented and missing data.

It's impossible to maintain control over any of your data when it's split across word documents, excel spreadsheets, paper, PDFs and fragmented tools.

In order to get control of your construction projects, you need to get control over how you manage the information captured on site.

Construction project management software
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Project controls start at the source of your information - your forms and documents.

Using standardised templates and forms which are entirely digital and connected through your stack means that your data stays clean and standardised from when it's captured or documented on site - all the way to project tracking.

Compare what's actually happening on site with the baselines you set at the beginning of your project.

Create lists or 'databases' of your baselines targets and project expectations, which can then be compared and referenced against what's happening on site in real-time.

No more updating spreadsheets with form data or double-handling delayed information.


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Display and know how you are tracking with automated dashboards and charts.

Display all of your progress, performance and planned vs. actuals in dashboards and charts with live inside of Dashpivot. Track anything across production, budgeting and financials, waste management and more.

Dashpivot's dashboards are infinitely flexible, so any of the information being captured on site can be instantly displayed in a visual format and toggled for insights in real-time.

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Dashpivot was easy to roll it across our business. The form builder is excellent and the analytics provide for real time and informed management review.

Brian Mahon
Chief Operating Officer | Source: Capterra

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A fully integrated management system gives you clean and accurate data you can trust and action in real-time - helping you make more informed decisions throughout the construction project lifecycle.

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See what's happening in real-time with better project controls on your construction projects.

Maintain tight and audit-proof records of all of your project documentation.

All of your forms, registers and documents which live inside of Dashpivot are easily searchable and always accessible via smart tags and filters. And every form entry or document is automatically tagged with its metadata and has bulletproof version control.


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Project and team management software

Maintain independent control of each project and team with software designed exactly like your organisation.

Understand what's happening on individual projects, teams and functions, and compare them against each other and to your baselines and targets to understand the impact that each component is having on your projects and business.

Get the 'full picture' of your projects and never miss a thing.

By automating the uploading of every photo and video to projects and teams, you can see a continuous timeline of everything which has happened and is happening.

Dashpivot eliminates the need for uploading, downloading and emailing photos and videos, as well as storing them on servers and hard drives where your valuable proof gets missing or lost.

Construction project management software

And when you need that paper copy or record..

Every piece of information including forms, registers and photos are easily downloadable, printable and shareable in CSV or PDF form. And every document comes professionaly formatted with your logo and brand colours.

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People in 70+ countries use this construction project management software to deliver on time and on budget.

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