Factory Acceptance Testing Checklist: FAT Checklist

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Factory acceptance testing checklist

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Use this factory acceptance testing checklist for free.

This factory acceptance testing checklist is easy to use and flexible to adapt to whatever your use case is:

  • Manage your FAT checklist results in the cloud, where they are stored securely and always accessible. This saves the uploading, downloading and emailing of fragmented documents.
  • Download, print or send your factory acceptance tests as CSV or PDF documents with your logo and branding.
  • Customise the FAT template fields with easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Instantly format your completed tests into timeline view or register view.
  • Get real-time analytics & insights about quality performance.

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Standardise your Factory Acceptance Testing documentation for better FATs and streamlined processes

Create standardised, digital Factory Acceptance Testing checklists

Use the pre-built FAT checklist template and add any checklist items your project requires.

Customise the template or build your own from scratch with the drag and drop form builder.

See what's been done with a quick overview

Get a chronological list of submitted Factory Acceptance Tests grouped by date.

Identifying tags such as project, team or location make it easy to quickly recognise what's what.

Switch from Timeline to Register view in a single click

Register View is great for getting a more detailed look at your Factory Acceptance Testing data.

Sort, filter or search by different fields to drill down to the records and information you need.

Build automated workflows for Factory Acceptance Testing processes

Use workflows to draft, conduct and sign off on your Factory Acceptance Testing checklists.

Automatic notifications when an FAT moves to the next stage ensures that nothing is ever missed.

Standardise your Factory Acceptance Testing documentation for better FATs and streamlined processes

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Digitise your Factory Acceptance Testing processes

Correctly filling out a detailed Factory Acceptance Test is a good starting point, but isn't the end of your requirements.

Being able to find and keep track of FATs, share them directly from the app as perfectly formatted PDF or CSV and more can save time and reduce errors.

Integrate your quality documents and processes

If you're running factory acceptance testing, you're probably running other quality management processes as well.

Punch and snag lists, ITPs, Non-conformance reports, Site Acceptance Tests and more all have pre-built templates you can use right away.

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