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How do the JSA's in this job safety analysis library work for you?

All of the job safety analysis frameworks you see and can use in this job safety analysis library are cloud-based templates. This means you can use them online and access them from anywhere on any device. You can open them on your computer on any browser, or open and complete the JSA's on a mobile or tablet as well.

When using a cloud-based library, the forms and documents you complete online will also be stored online. All of the documents you create and complete will be stored within the system.

Using cloud-based document and document management systems has many benefits over and above using PDFs, word and excel documents.

  • Cloud-based libraries can be accessed from anywhere
  • Cloud-based softwares keep all of your documents stored and managed in a secure and organised way
  • You can invite other people to collaborate on your documents in real-time
  • You have tight version control and audit trails on your documents
  • You can keep documents standardised and ensure everyones data is accurate and in the right format

You can test the software below to see how it can work for you. Open a JSA entry to see how it looks, and try editing the template.

Can I download, print or send them as normal PDF documents?

You can also download, print or send any of the job safety analysis library documents in a PDF format, which comes automatically stamped with your company logo and colours.

This way you can keep everything organised online, and then still share it as a hard copy and formal document when required.

Preview the whole export by hovering on the example below.

Job safety analysis for excavation template

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