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notice to proceed in construction

What is a Notice to Proceed in Construction?

In the realm of construction, a Notice to Proceed (NTP) serves as a pivotal document that marks the official commencement of a project. This crucial piece of communication is issued by the project owner or the owner's authorized representative to the contractor, signaling that all pre-construction conditions have been met and that work on the project can begin according to the terms laid out in the contract.

Understanding the nuances of the Notice to Proceed is essential for both contractors and project owners, as it sets the stage for the project's timeline, financial flow, and operational dynamics.

Definition and Purpose

A Notice to Proceed is a formal declaration that authorizes the contractor to start the contracted work on a specific date. It is a key document that establishes the official start date of the project, which is critical for scheduling and financial planning.

The issuance of an NTP indicates that any necessary preconditions, such as permits, insurance, bonding requirements, and other contractual prerequisites, have been satisfied.

Components of a Notice to Proceed

While the format and content of an NTP may vary depending on the project's nature and the governing contract, several key components are commonly included:

Project Information

Details of the project including name, location, and a brief description.

Contract Details

Reference to the contract number, date, and parties involved.

Start Date

The specific date on which the contractor is authorized to begin work.

Contract Time

The duration of the project, often specified in calendar days or working days from the start date.

Financial Aspects

Reference to the contract amount and any initial payment or mobilization fund details.


Formal endorsement by the issuing authority and acknowledgment by the contractor.

Importance of the Notice to Proceed

The NTP is not just a procedural formality; it carries significant practical and legal implications:

Project Scheduling

It enables the contractor to schedule resources, labor, and materials efficiently.

Financial Planning

The start date impacts the flow of funds, including loans, payments, and budget management.

Risk Management

Establishes a clear timeline for risk allocation between parties, especially concerning delays or unforeseen conditions.

Legal Compliance

Ensures that all regulatory and contractual conditions are met before work begins, avoiding potential legal complications.

Importance of the Notice to Proceed

Despite the clear directives set forth in an NTP, construction projects are susceptible to changes and delays.

Modifications to the scope of work, unforeseen site conditions, or delays in obtaining materials can impact the project timeline.

Effective communication and contract management are essential to address these challenges, including potential adjustments to the project completion date and associated costs.

The Notice to Proceed is a cornerstone document in the construction industry, marking the transition from planning to execution.

Its issuance signifies that a project is poised to move forward, with all parties aligned on the start date, scope, and contractual obligations. For successful project outcomes, it's imperative that both project owners and contractors fully understand and manage the NTP's implications, ensuring that the path from groundbreaking to completion is navigated with clear expectations and mutual cooperation.

Use the example below to see how you could use a Notice to Proceed in Construction.

Notice to Proceed

Use this digital Notice to Proceed template for free

Digitise your Notices to Proceed

If you're creating your Notices to Proceed from scratch every time, it's easy to miss important information that could even lead to the delay of a project commencing or even worse.

Use this digital Notice to Proceed template to quickly spin up NTPs with all the fields and sections pre-built, so you only need to add in the information.

Customise the NTP with any extra information you'd like to add with the drag and drop form builder.

Add required fields so that the Notice to Proceed can't be submitted with missing information.

Digitise the processes around Notices to Proceed

There's more to Notices to Proceed than ensuring all of the correct information is there.

Keeping track of your NTPs and what status they're in can be critical in ensuring that projects kick off smoothly and on time.

A dedicated Notice to Proceed app can help monitor the progress of NTPs and what the next step needs to be.

Automated workflows help progress Notices to Proceed with automatic notifications if someone needs to review, action or sign off for the next step.

Timeline view and Register view make it easy to review multiple NTPs if you're running multiple projects to ensure nothing is missed and you're always on top of things.

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